What is a Cyamtic sound table?

A Cymatron is a massage table fitted with 7 speakers, a sub-woofer, and equalizer.  The speakers beneath vibrate the frequencies from the music throughout the cellular system, shaking and vibrating the organs, muscles, nervous and circulatory system.  As you lay on the Cymatron Sound Table, you experience a gentle cellular massage. The components of the table vibrate the main platform causing the specific frequencies of the sounds to bathe the body in vibration. You FEEL the music on all levels instead of just hearing the music. These vibration helps to release toxins and trapped emotions and feelings that we hold in our tissues and body.  It releases stress, tension, stagnant feelings (such as grief, anger, guilt, sadness, etc.)

What is Cymatics?

In scientific terminology, cymatic therapy is the science of the effects of acoustic stimulation within the audible sound range on biological systems. It is based on the inherent resonance frequencies that apply to the natural harmonic laws of biological life. 

Cymatics is derived from the pioneering work of Swiss scientist, D. Hans Jenny, who in the 1960s coined the term Cymatics from the Greek word for ‘wave’. Dr Jenny spent over 14 years documenting his experiments in great detail, publishing books and films showing many intricate and elaborate forms which sound produced in various powders, pastes and liquids (3). Although Jenny was a medical doctor, his primary interest was studying the way inanimate matter responded to sound from a physical perspective, rather than directly exploring the therapeutic effects of sound. However, his extensive body of work did, in many ways, lay the foundation for much of today’s burgeoning field of sound healing, vividly showing how sound can restructure matter into a more coherent form.
A Brief Overview of Cymatics    By Jeff Volk - published in Kindred Spirit

How does it work?

The body is a liquid medium of 75% water which responds to vibrations caused by music and sound.  The physical vibration impact cells in the body.   The sound and vibrations from the sound table travels deeply into the mind, body and spirit of the person on the table. The tones and frequencies from the sound table help to reach cell memories that have held blockages and pattern of emotional pain. The sound and intention help to repattern, reprogram, restructure the body-mind for better organization and flow of energy.

The impact of these sessions are that they work on all parts of the human experience at once.

The physical body feels the vibration (touch).  The force of intention impacts the mental body.  A release of emotional charge viathe music (hearing, smell, and dreaming), the geometric copper shape and field impact the more subtle parts of the psyche (sight, feeling).  These forces work together to bring one to a higher state of health and remove dis-ease (that which is not at ease with oneself). 

The focus of this modality of healing is to help release and let go of what is no longer needed and promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing for the person. It is also a unique way to unify your mind-body-spirit to a single purpose for the session enabling you to manifest more purely.

This work is esoteric in nature and while yoga and many other philosophies have sound as a powerful part of their practice and healing, much of this work is yet to be studied conclusively.  


What is a session like?

A typical session is 1 hour to 1.5 hours.  The client remains fully clothed.  Once on the table soothing music is played and felt through the table.  The practitioner uses an aroma to open the session and gently massages the head and feet to help relax the client.  The client is cleared and tuned using tuning forks above and on parts of the body.  The client is encouraged to “breathe in” the sound.  A typical Reiki session then begins.  Reiki is directed universal energy flowing via a gentle touch on various part of the body (shoulders, head, hips, knees, feet).  In addition, singing bowls and other sound instruments along with speakers may be used.  The session ends with a tone and aroma.  

The Cymatron consists of three essential elements. 

The first is a stated intention for healing or change, formulated together by the client and the facilitator. Intention is the force, which propels us to our goals.

The second is a vibro-acoustic sound table through which one both hears and feels music. The pulsing of the sound through the mat induces the body to release the energy blockages, which result from physical injury, emotional trauma, or any other stress or illness. The body's natural flow of energy is restored, free to move to a higher state of harmony and well-being. 

The third component of the Cymatron is the dodecahedron, a 12-sided copper geometric frame, which generates a unified energy field for manifesting the idea into being, for healing and transformation.