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Signature Aquarian Massage

A full-body massage tailored for you.  This massage focuses on the areas you choose to address and incorporates them into a full body session.  Typically includes scalp, face and feet to help release tension and stress while working specific muscular areas to rejuvenate and heal your entire body.  Gentle applications of heat are added to soothe and relax while long fluid strokes of varying depth and pressure enhance your body's natural functioning.  Improves muscle tone, circulation, joint flexibility and boosts immune and lymphatic systems. This is the most popular massage:  Add-ons include: reflexology / reiki / aromatherapy /chakra clearing with tuning forks or crystals (15 minutes/ $15)
60 minutes /  $75     90 minutes/ $100

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage treatment is for specific areas of discomfort that need focused careful attention.  Slow deliberate pressure and techniques allow sore or injured areas to release and provide greater freedom of movement. This massage is targeted to a specific area of discomfort and may not allow time for a full body treatment.  This massage is considered a “working” massage and will need your participation in feedback and movement.  Good for concentrated relief of knots, restrictions, and injury.
60 minutes /  $80        90 minutes / $120

Sports Massage

An invigorating European-style massage for flushing out lactic acid and increasing circulation.  Quick rhythmic strokes are used with tapotement and rocking to bring the body into a relaxed and enlivened state.
60 minutes /  $80        90 minutes / $120

Raindrop Aromatherapy Massage

This massage combines the power of pure essential oils with massage to loosen and nourish chronic issues.  First, a series of single essential oils are applied like raindrops onto the spine along with a blend of stress reducing oils to detoxify, rejuvenate, and soothe the nervous system and muscles. Each oil is chosen for its specific therapeutic effect…anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti bacterial, cooling, or stimulating function.  This gentle and relaxing application is followed by therapeutic massage and finishes with hot towels to set the oils.  While this is a full-body treatment much of the massage is focused on neck, back, scalp and feet.  A great way to boost your immune system, address anxiety, and soothe the nervous system.  The addition of essential oils to massage reduces muscle memory and is great way to free chronic patterns of stress in musculature.
60 minutes / $80    90 minutes /  $120

Mommy to be Massage

Prenatal therapeutic bodywork helps the expectant mother adjust to the dramatic changes she is experiencing.  Gentle relaxing non-invasive massage promotes lymphatic and blood circulation, soothes the nervous system and alleviates stress associated with skeletal changes.
60 minutes / $75


Reflexology techniques of acupressure and massage are applied to the feet, hands, ears to promote balance of the body’s entire nervous system.  Experience this amazing therapy and benefit from stress and pain reducing endorphins. This session is done fully clothed and includes hot towels and essential oils.      

 15 minutes added to massage / $15                     45 minute full session / $50


Using a sound table, tuning forks, and singing bowls you will find yourself immersed in vibration and bathed in sound to balance and reset your system.  Neuro-acoustic vibration therapy uses special recordings embedded with mathematically proportioned chords to assist you to a meditative state and gently bring you to a cohesive vibration.  The components of the table vibrate the main platform, causing specific frequencies to surround the body in vibration. You will hear and feel the sound simultaneously.  Binaural beat frequencies are used to assist concentration, aid sleep, enhance creative function.  Sound is used to help reduce anxiety, clear the mind from negative thought loops, promote sleep and dreaming, clear and reset the auric energetic system.

The sound table induces dreaming and some dream interpretation is used in subsequent sessions.

These sessions include the use of Reiki and other Chakra clearing techniques and are done fully clothed.  A set of three session is recommended for best results.                 60 minutes / $80   *  90 minutes / $110      *  Three-sessions set / $210


A Japanese relaxation and healing technique that balances life force energy to promote health and well being.  This session is done fully clothed while hands are placed on or above key points to balance chakras and energy fields.  You will feel a radiant warm glow and sense of peace as your own body pulls life force energy into the places it needs.  This is a very relaxing and meditative session and is best experienced.  **may be added to a massage session            

 add on 15 minutes / $15               Full session 60 minutes / $60


An astrology session includes a natal / solar return chart, report and one hour session.  A natal chart is a mandala of the sky as you took your first breath on the day you were born.  A solar return chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment the sun returns to its place of your birth and depicts upcoming trends for the year.  You will need to know birthdate, exact time (within 4 minutes), place of birth to complete a chart.  Please allow 2 or 3 weeks for preparation and to complete analysis and decide what issues you would like to discuss.  This is personal astrology and these session are best used as a way to explore and meditate on the larger cycles of your life, life purpose, and an opportunity to give direction for what trends are ahead of you.     Astrology Session: $120.00
**Personalized Astrological Scent - a 15 ml blend of essential oils based on your chart, unique and individual as your lucky stars!   $50