Linda has studied Astrology seriously for over 13 years. In 2006, Linda and her sister, Carol launched “funwithastrology” website. While managing the website more and more of her attention was devoted to this ancient art form. The synchronicity and trends it revealed became a beautiful puzzle that continues to inspire her. In 2017, she decided to offer professional astrology readings and session to her clients. Astrology can help you gain better insight into your life. It provides a very personal in-depth look into your life and goals.

It is a great way to become more pro-active and less reactive to everyday occurances.



Your Natal chart is a snapshot of the skies at your moment of birth. Deciphering it can help you discover your purpose, challenges, and talents. Explore the wisdom of the stars, join a conversation about astrology and define your personal place in the universe.  An astrology reading is a deep and insightful approach into your personality and explores your bigger place in the universe.   An astrology reading/session includes a report about your chakras, your personal numerology, your natal and solar return charts plus a one hour reading answering personal questions.  $125

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Beautifully crafted Astrology cards

Beautifully crafted Astrology cards


Astrology Cards and Aromas

Order special essential oil blends based on astrology…a signature essential oil blend can be mixed using your very own astrology chart as a guide. $50



writings about the starry skies above you

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Pluto and the upcoming 2020 Triple Conjunction